1/7/2014 7:00 AM

Repackaging Hay For The Right Market
Lancaster Farming took a field trip to investigate a new and innovative piece of farming equipment at Hidden Valley Farm. The Bale Destroyer is an invaluable way to extend the hay making season and an exciting way of maintaining the cash flow on the farm year round. What used to take multiple people and good weather can now be accomplished by one person regardless of the weather outside creating a great service for those that prefer or need smaller hay bales like horse farms and anyone that does not have the equipment to handle the larger bales. The large bales are loaded onto the conveyer with a skidloader as needed. Once the twine is removed from the bales they are automatically fed into the bale destroyer where they are chewed up and tossed around. Once the bales have been broken apart the hay is sent out the back chute of the machine and into a standard small square baler in essence rebaling the hay to a more manageable size. Read the complete story written by our special sections editor Charlene Shupp Esbenshade in the December 14 issue of Corn Talk & Foraging Around.

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