<![CDATA[Lancaster Farming: Photos]]> http://www.lancasterfarming.com/ Photos en-us Copyright 2011 Lancaster Newspapers webmaster@lancasterfarming.com (Webmaster) <![CDATA[Matthew (age 4) watches enthusiastically beside Brother Luke (age 1) and Mom (Brandy) as the day comes to an end with hay being put in the barn. Frederick County, MD.]]> http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11747449/100_4151.JPG http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11747449/100_4151.JPG Image Fri, 01 May 2015 07:59:45 GMT <![CDATA[Mom, (Vi Keefer, Orrstown, PA), age 69 unloading hay in 2009. Grandson, Gabe Putt, age 3 watching.]]> http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11744832/scan0005.jpg http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11744832/scan0005.jpg Image Thu, 30 Apr 2015 16:23:44 GMT <![CDATA[Amy and Brooke Steiner are a real mother-daughter farm team. Together on their family farm Quigley Farm, they collect eggs to be sold at their roadside stand on the Mason Dixon Line in Whiteford, Maryland/Delta, Pennsylvania. 5-year-old Brooke has tended to her hens since age 2 and has grown her flock to over 100 hens. In addition to their small egg operation, the Steiner Family grows produce, hay, and grain on their farm. Brooke also has a few Angus-cross heifers and Dwarf Nigerian Goats to keep her busy.]]> http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11744362/IMG_0811--7-.JPG http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11744362/IMG_0811--7-.JPG Image Thu, 30 Apr 2015 12:04:57 GMT <![CDATA[Anyone want to go for a ride? How many trainees can you have in a tractor at one time??? Looks like 3 little girls fit in:-) Our youngest is only 10 days old in the photo - We enjoy doing farm chores together - milking, feeding calves, yard work, tractor driving, errands to town, etc...Current ages are: Genessa 3, Rosalyn 2, Clara 6 mo. Mommy is blessed - I am thankful to the Lord Jesus for these precious gifts!]]> http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11702706/P1040007.JPG http://www.lancasterfarming.com/assets/11702706/P1040007.JPG Image Fri, 17 Apr 2015 12:56:21 GMT