Maryland Jersey Breeders Celebrate Year of Growth

3/9/2013 7:00 AM
By Laurie Savage Maryland Correspondent

THURMONT, Md. — Maryland Jersey breeders gathered to celebrate another good year of growth and success at their 92nd annual meeting held Saturday, March 2, at the Cozy Restaurant.

Sara Barlass, American Jersey Cattle Association area representative, said Jerseys are enjoying growth in most areas from registrations to classification.

“The only area that remained stagnant was Jersey transfers,” she said.

She called the number of herds enrolled in Jersey programs, such as classification, “impressive.” A large number of appraisals means a large amount of data collection for bull proofs.

The Jersey’s efficiency is helping the breed to grow, and Barlass said she hopes to see that reflected in the number of Jerseys sold.

At the national level, there are four ways to market Jerseys, including the marketing service, private treaty, classifieds and a bidding program.

“It’s like eBay for cows,” she said of the bidding process. Cattle can be posted online for sale, and minimum bids can be requested. Cattle do not have to be broadly tested; they only need to meet the requirements of the state in which they were sold.

“You can do more specific marketing,” Barlass said.

The meeting continued with several reports. Ryan Haines said last year’s all-breed sale made just under $2,500. Wayne Stiles said the Maryland Jersey Field Day is set for Saturday, July 13.

Paul Spurrier gave a report on behalf of the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association.

“We’ve been thinking about an all-breed show. It’s going to happen,” he said, with next year’s summer breed field days combined into one show June 6-8 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds.

Spurrier also reported the state fair’s birthing center will move to another area of the Cow Palace to allow for better traffic flow of exhibitors and cattle into the show ring.

Katie Albaugh, Kathy Sentelle, Julie Mayer and Duane Norman were elected directors of the organization. Allen Stiles will serve as president, Richard Kepler will be vice president, and Marcia Molesworth continues as treasurer. Kay Stiles will take over as the new secretary.

A number of Jersey senior and junior breeders received awards.

The Herbert Hoopes Senior Award was presented to Ryan Haines for his leadership at last year’s all-breed sale. The John Stiles Award went to Macayla Wiles for her service to the Jersey breed as last year’s Maryland Jersey Queen. She will continue as this year’s queen, joined by new Maryland Jersey Princess Catherine Savage.

Production awards went to Robert Fry and Judy Gifford, high herd average for 40 or more cows, and OCS Dairy, high herd average for 10 to 39 cows. OCS Dairy was the J. Hansen Hoffman Senior Award honoree.

Individual cow production awards were presented to Jessica Sentelle, senior yearling in milk; OCS Dairy, junior 2-year-old and 4-year-old; P. Thomas Mason, senior 2-year-old; Savage-Leigh Farm, junior 3-year-old; Bar None Jerseys, senior 3-year-old and 8 years and over; and Davey Sentelle, 5- to 7-year-old.

Winners of the Maryland Junior Jersey Cattle Club production awards were Autumn Lippy, junior 2-year-old and senior 2-year-old; Amber Lippy, 3-year-old; Daisy Gardner, 4-year-old and 5-year-old and over. Daisy Gardner received the J. Hansen Hoffman Junior Award for her high producing 4-year-old.

Recordbook awards were presented as follows: Schuyler Bowers, first junior girl; Noah Iager, first junior boy; James Savage, second junior boy; Austin Welty, third junior boy; Autumn Lippy, first intermediate girl; Catherine Savage, second intermediate girl; Gabrielle Bowers, third intermediate girl; Daisy Gardner, honorable mention intermediate girl; Riley Hoffman, first senior boy; Macayla Wiles, first senior girl; Amber Lippy, second senior girl; and Katie Grace Weant, third senior girl. Overall recordbook awards went to Macayla Wiles and Amber Lippy.

Junior All-Maryland Jersey award winners were Natalie Youse, spring calf, summer yearling; Schuyler Bowers, winter calf, reserve fall calf, reserve summer yearling; James Savage, reserve winter calf, honorable mention fall calf, honorable mention summer yearling, aged cow; Ashley Ridenour, fall calf; Amber Lippy, honorable mention fall calf; Patrick Youse, spring yearling, winter yearling, senior 3-year-old; Autumn Lippy, reserve spring yearling, honorable mention junior 3-year-old; Katie Grace Weant, reserve winter yearling, fall yearling, senior 2-year-old, reserve senior 3-year-old; Catherine Savage, reserve senior 2-year-old, honorable mention 4-year-old; Jessica Sentelle, junior 3-year-old, 4-year-old; Gabrielle Bowers, reserve junior 3-year-old, honorable mention senior 3-year-old; and Annie Dell, reserve 4-year-old.

The Charlotte Stiles Scholarship was presented to Amber Lippy, who plans to transfer to West Virginia University. The Warren Fender Scholarship went to Dusty Kahler, who will attend Carroll Community College. The Maryland Jersey Cattle Club scholarships were given to Jessica Sentelle, who is studying at Virginia Tech, and Joseph Coshun, who is unsure which college he will attend but plans a career in engineering.<\c> Photos by Laurie Savage



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Maryland Jersey Queen Macayla Wiles, left, congratulates junior Jersey All-Maryland winners, from left, Catherine Savage, Schuyler Bowers, Katie Grace Weant, James Savage and Autumn Lippy.



Maryland Jersey Queen Macayla Wiles, left, congratulates junior Jersey production winners, from left, Autumn Lippy, Amber Lippy, Daisy Gardner and Katie Grace Weant.



Macayla Wiles, left, will continue as the Maryland Jersey Queen, while Catherine Savage, center, receives the Maryland Jersey Princess title from outgoing princess Katie Grace Weant.



Junior Jersey recordbook winners in the front row, from left, are Daisy Gardner, Schuyler Bowers, Noah Iager and James Savage. In the back row are, from left, Amber Lippy, Gabrielle Bowers, Catherine Savage, Autumn Lippy, Macayla Wiles and Katie Grace Weant.



Jersey royalty Macayla Wiles and Katie Grace Weant, left, congratulate Jersey production winners from left, Ashley Savage, Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, Kathy Sentelle and Daisy Gardner.

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