Janney Takes Grand Champ, Breeder Awards at Virginia Spring Show

4/16/2011 10:00 AM

The 31st Virginia Holstein Spring Show was held Saturday, April 2, at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, Va.

Judge Jim Burdette of Pennsylvania placed 45 head. The results were:

Showing and fitting: peewee participants, William Gilbert and Rachel Craun; novice winner:, Cassidy Lam; intermediate winner, Cole Leonard, first, and Joseph Gilbert, second; and senior winner, Mikayla Bailey, first, and Matthew Liskey, second.

Winter calf (3): first, Ron-Rou Aftershock Sprinkle; second, Eastview Elite Emma MG; third and first junior, Lo-Pine Shottle Lanie, Cassidy Lam.

Fall calf (7): first and first junior, Monta Vista Dusk Addison, Kathryn Liskey; second, Eastview Dalt Destiny MG; third, Monta Vista Demello M-azing, Rosemary Liskey; fourth and second junior, Colebelle Sanchez Duchess, Cole Leonard.

Summer calf (6): first, Ron-Rou Lightning Tonya; second, Janney RedLiner Zora; third, Lo-Pine Gabe Misty; fifth and first junior, Lo-Pine Haven Lemondrop, Cassidy Lam; sixth and second junior, H-Two-O Arrow RoJo-red-ET, Joseph Gilbert.

Spring yearling (7): first, MS Eclipse Atwood ERA-ET, Daniel Comyn; second and first junior, Windy-Knoll-View Cinder-ET, Cole Leonard; third and second junior, Gloryland-HM Candy-Red, Mikayla Bailey.

Winter yearling (2): first, Ron-Rou Lou Kay; second, Janney Linjet Carnation.

Fall yearling (6): first, Heiz-Acres Pollard Kelsey; second, Eastview Ernie Erin MG-ET; third, Pintail-Point Sugar Cookie, William Gilbert; fourth and first junior, C-Rhodes-ET Damion Venus-TW, Elizabeth Rhodes; sixth and second junior, Monta Vista Sanchez Kendra, Matthew Liskey.

Junior champion, junior. show: Kathryn Liskey’s fall calf, Monta Vista Dusk Addison.

Reserve junior champion, junior show: Cole Leonard’s spring yearling, Windy-Knoll-View Cinder-ET.

Junior champion, open show: Kathryn Liskey’s fall calf.

Reserve junior champion, open show: Ron-Rou’s summer calf, Ron-Rou Lightning Tonya.

Junior best 3 females: first, Ron-Rou; second, Eastview Farm; third, Janney Holsteins.

Dry 3- and 4-year-old cow: Hollidays Atlantis Alice, McAden Farms and Park Forest.

Junior 2-year-old (1): first, Ron-Rou Pronto Carlena.

Senior 2-year-old (5): first, Janney Damion Jas 2; second and first junior, H-Two-O Advent Excetera-ET, Joseph Gilbert; third, S-A-Z Talent Minnie, Steve Zirkle.

Junior 3-year-old (2): first, BBVK Stormatic Abby-ET, Janney and Rhoderick; second and first junior, Monta Vista Durham Leona-ET, Kathryn Liskey.

Senior 3-year-old (2): first, Janney Advent Sienna-Red; second, Eastview Adv Audrey MG-ET.

4-year-old (3): first, Janney Talent Sedona; second, Southbound All Smarty Pants, Steve Zirkle; third, Kingsmill DCF Ant Safari, McAden And Park Forest.

5-yearr-old (2): first, Oceanview Durham Carla, Janney Holsteins; second, Liddleholme Dundee Tavia, McAden and Park Forest.

Aged cow and Ameva Farm Production Trophy (1): first, Angeleyes Hi Metro Dafney, McAden and Park Forest.

Grand champion of junior. show: Joseph Gilbert’s senior 2-year-old.

Reserve grand champion of junior show: Kathryn Liskey’s junior 3-year-old.

Grand champion of open show, best udder: Janney and Rhoderick’s junior 3-year-old.

Reserve grand champion of open show and best bred and owned: Janney’s 4-year-old.

Dam and daughter: first, Janney Holsteins; second, Cole Leonard.

Produce of dam: first, Janney Holsteins; second, Joseph Gilbert.

Best 3 females: Janney Holsteins.

Breeders’ herd: Janney Holsteins.

Premier breeder and exhibitor: Janney Holsteins.

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