New Holland Hog Market

3/28/2013 3:00 PM

New Holland, PA Mon Mar 25, 2013 USDA Agricultural Market News
New Holland Hog Auction - New Holland, PA
Livestock Auction Report for Monday, March 25, 2013

Receipts: 805 Last Week: 886 Year Ago: 1092
When compared to last week`s sale, slaughter barrows and gilts sold mostly
3.00-5.00 lower with light demand. Sows traded sharply higher, mostly 5.00-
6.00 higher. Sow demand was very good on light supplies. All prices per cwt.
Percent Lean Weight Price
49-54 220-270 lbs 55.50-57.00
270-400 lbs 53.00-56.00
45-49 220-300 lbs 53.00-55.00

Sows: US 1-3
300-450 lbs 53.00-58.00
450-700 lbs 63.50-68.50
Boars: 300-700 lbs NO TEST

Source: USDA Agricultural Market News, New Holland, PA
Levi Geyer, OIC Cell 717-406-7350
John Stacy, Market Reporter 717-354-2391
For all USDA Livestock and Grain market reports:
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