Holstein Captures Supreme Dairy Title at Troy Fair

9/15/2012 7:00 AM
By Carolyn N. Moyer Northern Pa. Correspondent

TROY, Pa. — “This is a county fair and I don’t care where you go in the country, I don’t think you’ll find a better lineup than this,” said judge Chris Hill, of Thurmont, Md., as he prepared to select the grand champion Holstein of the Troy Fair Open Dairy show.

The judge then selected Jordan Snyder’s senior 3-year-old, Jor-Col Ross Sophie as the grand champion.

“When this cow came out, I thought the only thing wrong with her is that my name’s not on the paper,” Hill said as he gave his reasons for choosing her from the 145 entries in the Holstein show.

Snyder’s champion went on to compete with breed champions from the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn and Red and White shows, and, at the end of the day, was named the supreme champion of the Troy Fair.

“I knew she was pretty good and that I would like to be in contention for grand, but I didn’t think of supreme,” said Snyder. “I had never done anything like that in the open show.”

For Snyder, the timing of the win couldn’t have been better as he plans a career focus change from cows to horses.

“I was like, finally,” said Snyder. “I wouldn’t have wanted to do it anywhere else but with all the people we’ve been friends with and competing with all these years. They all have watched me come up from the one heifer that I started with 12 years ago.”

Snyder showed Sophie as a calf, but left her home as a winter yearling. After calving, he brought her back to the ring.

“She put herself back together when she calved,” said Snyder. “She’s big and wide and obviously good.”

This past summer, Snyder’s Sophie was also the reserve grand champion at the Northern Tier Championship show and the grand champion of the junior division.

Snyder, his brother, Colton, and mother, Lisa Brown house their animals at his grandparent’s Peck Hill Farm, where they milk 170 cows.

This crowning achievement was one of the best experiences in his life.

“It was one heck of an experience, I was super excited,” said Snyder. “It made my mom cry and everyone else. It was a good time.”

Hill picked the grand champion Jersey, 4-year-old Comericas Black Rose, owned by Chris Schuler, to be the reserve supreme champion.

“The quality of this show is very strong,” said Hill after looking over all the breed champions.

Also standing in the ring were the champion Ayrshire, senior 3-year-old Lane-Elm BBBK Marble, owned by Joann Hoppaugh; the champion Brown Swiss, senior 2-year-old Windmill Ben Treats, owned by Devin Zorn; the champion Milking Shorthorn, 4-year-old Daysland Acres Dana, owned by Matt Thomas; and the champion Red and White, 5-year-old Lawrence-Haven Adore-Red, owned by Duane and Ellen Andrews. The champion Guernsey, WR Meadows Mission Nora — ET, a 4-year-old, owned by Samantha Klinger, did not compete for the supreme champion title.

The two-day show included more than 300 entries. The colored breed show was held earlier in the week and was judged by Gordon DeMay, of Palmyra, N.Y., DeMay also commented on the strength of the show, noting that the quality of the animals shown was exceptional.

Standing in the reserve champion position in the Holstein show was 4-year-old Springcroft Dundee Sally, owned by Duane and Ellen Andrews. The junior champion was Pintail-Point Ester, a fall yearling owned by Promise Haven Farm and the reserve junior champion was Mt-Glen Acme Flo, a spring yearling owned by Katie Jackson.

In the Red and White show, Jon-Lu Cal Fine-Red, a 4-year-old owned by Promise Haven Farm, was named the reserve grand champion. The junior champion was Promise Haven SQVal-Red — ET, a summer yearling owned by Promise Haven Farm. The reserve junior champion was Promise Haven MB Sunny-Red, winter calf owned by Shawnee Comstock.

Daniel Hoppaugh showed the reserve champion, Lone-Elm Modem Lady, a 4-year-old, in the Ayrshire show. Twin -Path Burdette Laura, a spring yearling owned by Kali Terrel, was the junior champion of the show. The reserve junior champion was Daniel Hoppaugh’s summer yearling, Lone-Elm Dozer Mello.

Misty-Crest Leader Lottery, a 4-year-old owned by Jesse Phillips, was named the reserve grand champion Brown Swiss. The junior champion in the Brown Swiss show was Abbie Kuhlman’s winter yearling, A Joy Supreme China. She was followed by the reserve junior champion of the show, Kuhl Kows Bar Parker Bailey, a summer yearling owned by Michala Kuhlman.

Samantha Klinger had all of the champions in the Guernsey show. In addition to her grand champion, Klinger’s junior 2-year-old, WR Meadows Nomas Noorjehan was named the reserve grand champion. The junior champion was her fall calf, WR Meadows Atlantic Nola.

In the Jersey show, Chris Schuler exhibited all four champions. In addition to his grand champion noted earlier, the reserve grand champion was WF Comerica Lippy, a 4-year-old. The junior champion was Nevertell Governor TNT and the reserve junior champion was Intervale Giller Whoppie, both summer yearlings.

Abby Thomas showed the reserve grand champion Milking Shorthorn, senior-2-year-old Tres Colles HTA Luella. The junior champion of the show was Sunshine Perfect Dutchess, a spring calf owned by Gloria Andrews. The reserve junior champion was Pine Villa Kourt Daisy, a spring yearling owned by Matt Thomas.

The 2012 Troy dairy shows were dedicated to dairy cattle show superintendent James “Jim” Jenkins, also known as the “barnyard sheriff.”

Jenkins grew up on a small family farm in Springfield Township and was a member of the Leona Dairy 4-H. His children all exhibited cattle at the Troy Fair.

Today, as Jenkins camps at the fairgrounds, he can still watch his sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren exhibit their animals.

The show posted the following results:


Spring calf: Amberleigh Packard

Winter calf: Megan Kovacs

Fall calf: Mark Carter

Summer yearling: Daniel Hoppaugh

Spring yearling: Kali Terrel

Winter yearling: Vince and Debbie Neville

Fall yearling: Megan Terrel

Senior 2-year-old: Vince and Debbie Neville

Junior 3-year-old: Daniel Hoppaugh

Senior 3-year-old: Joann Hoppaugh

Four-year-old: Daniel Hoppaugh

Five-year-old: Daniel Hoppaugh

Lifetime production: Douglas and Miranda Neville


Winter calf: Joelle Urban

Fall calf: Corbin Driscoll

Summer yearling: Chris Schuler

Spring yearling: Sparling Trio

Winter yearling: Abbie Kuhlman

Fall yearling: Sparling Trio

Junior 2-year-old: Michala Kuhlman

Senior 2-year-old: Devin Zurn

Senior 3-year-old: John Tryon

Four-year-old: Jesse Philips

Five-year-old: Connie and Mark Kuhlman

Six years and older: Michala Kuhlman


Spring calf: Samantha Klinger

Fall calf: Samantha Klinger

Dry cow 4 years and younger: Samantha Klinger

Junior 2-year-old: Samantha Klinger


Spring calf: Katie Jackson

Winter calf: Emilie Cole

Fall calf: Katelyn Nolt

Summer yearling: Colton Snyder

Spring yearling: Katie Jackson

Winter yearling: Colton Snyder

Fall yearling: Promise Haven Farm

Dry cow 4 years and younger: Promise Haven Farm

Dry cow 5 years and older: Promise Haven Farm

Junior 2-year-old: Jordan Snyder

Senior 2-year-old: Snowcrest Farm

Junior 3-year-old: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Senior 3-year-old: Jordan Snyder

Four-year-old: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Five-year-old: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Six years and older: Carl Allen

Lifetime production: Randall Shores


Spring calf: Chris Schuler

Winter calf: Willow Voegtlen

Fall calf: Snowdrift Country Farm

Spring yearling: JNB Farm

Winter yearling: Chris Schuler

Fall yearling: Chris Schuler

Dry cow 5 years and older: Willow Voegtlen

Fall yearling in milk: Wesley Noble

Junior 2-year-old: Jessica Nolt

Senior 2-year-old: Snowdrift Country Farm

Junior 3-year-old: Taylor Sherman

Senior 3-year-old: Snowdrift Country Farm

Four-year-old: Chris Schuler

Five-year-old: Snowdrift Country Farm

Six years and older: Travis Kinney


Spring calf: Gloria Andrews

Winter calf: Abby Thomas

Fall calf: Roy Thomas

Spring yearling: Matt Thomas

Winter yearling: Roy Thomas

Senior 2-year-old: Abby Thomas

Four-year-old: Matt Thomas


Spring calf: Grace Andrews

Winter calf: Shawnee Comstock

Fall calf: Kyle Jackson

Summer yearling: Promise Haven Farm

Spring yearling: Patrick Workman

Winter yearling: Katy Jefferson

Junior 2-year-old: Cecilia Morse

Senior 2-year-old: Jodi Calkins

Junior 3-year-old: Braund Valley Farms

Senior 3-year-old: Shawnee Comstock

Four-year-old: Promise Haven Farm

Five-year-old: Duane and Ellen Andrews

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