Sniders Win Bedford Supreme Champion

8/10/2013 7:00 AM
By Linda Williams Southwestern Pa. Correspondent

BEDFORD, Pa. — Following the open dairy show at the Bedford Fair, Snider Homestead’s 3-year-old Guernsey earned the supreme champion and Wayne Cessna’s senior 3-year-old Holstein took reserve supreme.

Judge Jesse Kline said it was tough picking a champion from those in the ring. In addition to the champions, they included Jared Helsey’s aged Ayrshire; a 4-year-old brown Swiss owned by Kenny Stanton; a junior 2-year-old Jersey shown by Karla Stoltzfus; a 3-year-old Milking Shorthorn, owned by Louie Dharma; and a 5-year-old Red and White owned by Cody Eller.

First place results in the dairy show were:


Spring calf: Jared Helsley

Winter calf: Josiah Mowry

Fall calf: Holly Zembower

Winter yearling: Jared Helsley

Junior best three females: Jason Mowry

Junior champion: Jared Helsley

Reserve junior champion: Jason Mowry

Junior two-year-old: Chase Eller

Dry cow four-year-old and under: Cole Edwards

Senior champion: Jared Helsley

Reserve senior champion: Jordan Helsley

Grand champion: Jared Helsley

Reserve grand champion: Jordan Helsley

Senior best three females: Jason Mowry


Spring calf: Molly Cessna

Winter calf: Tyler Cessna

Fall calf: Wayne Cessna

Summer yearling: Kenny Stanton

Spring yearling; Molly Cessna

Fall yearling: Tyler Cessna

Junior best three females: Wayne Cessna

Junior champion: Tyler Cessna

Reserve junior champion: Tyler Cessna

Senior two-year-old: Franklin Foor

Junior three-year-old: Kenny Stanton

Senior three-year-old: Wayne Cessna

Four-year-old: Kelley Jay

Six years and over: Wayne Cessna

Dry cow four-year-old and under: Kenny Stanton

Senior champion: Wayne Cessna

Reserve senior champion: Wayne Cessna

Grand champion: Wayne Cessna

Reserve grand champion: Wayne Cessna

125,000-pound class: Kenny Stanton

Best udder: Wayne Cessna

Senior best three females: Kenny Stanton

Daughter/dam: Franklin Foor

Produce of dam: Wayne Cessna

Red and White

Spring calf: Austin Mowry

Fall calf: Elizabeth Jay

Summer yearling: Austin Mowry

Spring yearling: Cody Eller

Fall yearling: Austin Mowry

Junior best three females: Jason Mowry

Junior champion: Austin Mowry

Reserve junior champion: Karla Stoltzfus

Senior two-year-old: Kelley Jay

Junior three-year-old: Austin Mowry

Four-year-old: Cody Eller

Five-year-old: Cody Eller

Dry cow four-year-old and under: Karla Stoltzfus

Senior champion: Cody Eller

Reserve senior champion: Kelley Jay

Grand champion: Cody Eller

Reserve grand champion: Kelley Jay

Best udder: Cody Eller

Senior best 3 females: Jason Mowry

Exhibitor’s herd: Jason Mowry

Daughter/dam: Jason Mowry


Spring calf: Tanner Walason, Imler

Winter calf: Misty Meadows Farm

Fall calf: Snider Homestead Farm

Summer yearling: Snider Homestead Farm

Spring yearling: Snider Homestead Farm

Winter yearling: Snider Homestead Farm

Fall yearling: Snider Homestead Farm

Junior best three females: Snider Homestead Farm

Junior champion: Snider Homestead Farm

Reserve junior champion: Snider Homestead Farm

Fall yearling in milk: Macy Walason

Junior two-year-old: Snider Homestead Farm

Junior three-year-old: Snider Homestead Farm

Senior three-year-old; Snider Homestead Farm

Senior three-year-old: Snider Homestead Farm

Four-year-old: Snider Homestead Farm

Five-year-old: Snider Homestead Farm

Six years and over: Snider Homestead Farm

Dry cow four-year-old and under: Snider Homestead Farm

Dry cow five-year-old and over: Tanner Walason

Senior champion: Snider Homestead Farm

Reserve senior champion: Snider Homestead Farm

Grand champion: Snider Homestead Farm

Reserve grand champion: Snider Homestead Farm

125,000-pound class: Snider Homestead Farm

Senior best three females: Snider Homestead Farm

Exhibitor’s herd: Snider Homestead Farm

Daughter/dam: Misty Meadows Farm

Produce of dam: Misty Meadows Farm


Spring calf: Karla Stoltzfus

Winter calf: Stan-El Jerseys

Fall calf: Hannah Bechtel

Summer yearling: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Winter yearling: Karla Stoltzfus

Fall yearling: Stan-El Jerseys

Junior best three females: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Junior champion: Karla Stoltzfus

Reserve junior champion: Hannah Bechtel

Junior two-year-old: Karla Stoltzfus

Senior two-year-old: Janelle Sames

Junior three-year-old: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Senior three-year-old: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Four-year-old: Stan-El Jerseys

Five-year-old: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Six years and over: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Dry cow five-year-old and over: Karla Stoltzfus

Senior champion: Karla Stoltzfus

Reserve senior champion: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Grand champion: Karla Stoltzfus

Reserve grand champion: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Best udder: Karla Stoltzfus

Senior best three females: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Exhibitor’s herd: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Daughter/dam: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Produce of dam: Hidden Hills Jerseys

Brown Swiss

Fall calf: Ethan Foor, Eeverett

Junior champion: Jordan Tosten

Reserve junior champion: Ethan Foor

Junior two-year-old: Kenny Stanton

Four-year-old: Kenny Stanton

Six years and over: Matthew Stanton

Senior champion: Kenny Stanton

Reserve senior champion: Kenny Stanton

Grand champion: Kenny Stanton

Reserve grand champion: Kenny Stanton

Best udder: Kenny Stanton

<\!q>Seniorbest three females: Kenny Stanton

Exhibitor’s herd: Kenny Stanton

Daughter/dam: Kenny Stanton

Produce of dam: Kenny Stanton

Milking Shorthorn

Winter calf: Josiah Mowry, New Enterprise

Junior champion: Josiah Mowry

Junior three-year-old: Karla Stoltzfus

Senior champion: Karla Stoltzfus<\c> Photo by Linda Willaims

From left are Tyler Cessna, Dairy Miss Denae Hershberger, Bedford County Fair Queen Kelley Jay, Molly Cessna, Dana Cessna holding the reserve supreme champion, Wayne Cessna, Kendy Gable holding the supreme champion, Aaron and Blaire Gable, Bella Gable (front), Amy Gable, Brad Gable, Berneta Gable, Don Fair and Bedford County Dairy Princess Makayla Gates.

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