Where Does Gas Wastewater Go? It Might Be a River or Stream Near You

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1/5/2011 10:57 AM

Earlier this week, the Associated Press published a story on where natural gas wastewater, the stuff that comes out of a well after it has been drilled, eventually ends up.
It revealed that much of it, untreated, ends up in rivers and streams and in one case, in suburban Philadelphia, residents along the Neshaminy Creek never knew that the water they use for boating and fishing was also used as a discharge site for natural gas wastewater.
It still remains to be seen just how harmful this wastewater actually is, since the chemicals that are in it, including some known carcinogens, are found at very low levels.
But the article raises serious questions about water quality and whether or not the state's gas boom has put that in jeopardy.
Here is a link for yourself: http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/332256
If you haven't read it, it is long, but informative.

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