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3/17/2014 6:16 AM

We’ve all seen little red children’s wagons – typically the Radio Flyer metal wagon, sometimes with the red canvas over the top making it look like an old-fashioned horse-drawn covered wagon, usually with plastic, nonshock-absorbing wheels.

I don’t remember having one growing up, but I do remember having a cheap all-plastic wagon for my niece and nephews. Every time I tried to take them for a walk, I just remember how much their bums must have hurt after all the bouncing, thanks to plastic wheels. Not the best mode of farm transportation, that’s for sure.

When my son was younger (not that he’s old now), I would take him for walks to the barn in his stroller. But I’d always get irritated when it got covered in mud and manure, especially when I wanted to put it in my car and use it at a nonfarm location.

For the last few months, I’ve left the stroller at home and asked my little man to walk to and from the barn. It works out pretty good because all he wants to do is be down hugging the kitties, running through mud puddles (which are extremely plentiful right now) and feeding the calves.

But it’s not so much fun for mommy when his little legs get tired and he wants carried, resulting in mommy’s leg getting covered in the mud and cow poop off his boots.

So when my in-laws asked what I thought Brady would like for his recent second birthday, the first thing out of my mouth was a red wagon with pneumatic, shock-absorbing wheels. It may have been a bigger wish for mom than son, but I knew he’d appreciate it in years to come.

My in-laws usually let me know what they buy for my son so I can make sure myself or my parents don’t duplicate it. But this time, they kept it a surprise for us all.

After all his birthday gifts were opened and the excitement was winding down, my father-in-law wheeled in this giant red, wooden wagon – with pneumatic wheels! I was super excited and all Brady wanted was to “drive” it through the house.

Later that afternoon, we took the wagon for a test drive to the barn. It worked perfectly – enough of a ride for him to get to and from the barn, but easy exit when he wanted to get down and dirty.

Every weekend since his birthday a month ago, we’ve taken multiple wagon rides around the farm, and mommy is quite happy with her new child chariot.

~ Jessica Rose Spangler, market editor

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