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3/28/2014 5:37 AM

It’s spring … sort of. The calendar may say spring has sprung, but Mother Nature hasn’t been playing nice, as I’m sure everyone else has noticed too.

This extra-long and unrelenting winter hasn’t just made life miserable; it’s made home life pretty annoying too. With continuous days below 30 and snowstorm after snowstorm, I’ve had to keep my son cooped up in the house for months now.

We’re all itching to get outside, but look at it through the eyes of a 2-year-old. He has no concept of what’s too cold and that running through muddy puddles this time of year can cause issues like frostbite – let alone retrieving the toy he dropped into the calf’s water bucket can freeze his little fingers.

The few 50-degree days we’ve had this spring have been a blessing on the household toys, and the patience levels of mommy and grandma. My boy is more than excited to get bundled up in barn clothes and run outside – to the barn, the swing set, the tractor.

I’m sure the kitty isn’t so excited to see him when all my son wants to do is throw said kitty in the giant mud puddle.

But … now that he’s been allowed out of the house a few times, he remembers the fun he can have and really doesn’t understand when he can’t go out every day.

Every morning he sees my dad’s truck coming home from the milking barn and he runs to get his boots on so he can help feed calves. Luckily he’s not always as quick as he’d like to be and Gramps usually makes it inside before my son is ready to go out.

While I know that staying inside is better for his health (a.k.a. he’s susceptible to Croup cough, and being out in the cold and wind doesn’t help prevent it) and warmth, he just thinks it’s torture akin to cruel and unusual punishment.

Come on Mother Nature! It’s time to play nice with all the little people and their desires to be outside in your warmth and springtime glory.

~ Jessica Rose Spangler, reporter

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