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9/9/2013 5:47 AM

Honestly, like any mom my feet hit the ground running every day – farm or no farm. It seems between the ever-growing mountain of laundry and dishes, home-keeping duties, work and the farm – the day can be done before you're even started. It’s easy for a day to be over before you know it.
The other day I was at the fair, dairy show done, cows settled into the bedpack and my son asked a simple question, could we go ride the Ferris wheel and some other rides? While the list of items that still needed to be done with the cows, I shut the showbox lid and headed down to the fair midway. And, we rode the Ferris wheel.
Honestly, it was fun to take a break from the madness of caring for a show string at the fair and spend just a few moments having fun. On the Ferris wheel, we pointed out prominent fair features as we rose above the buildings, looked for family members below and had a fun time. I took a picture of us sitting in our car high above the fairgrounds with my cell phone. And my son is grinning ear to ear.
-- Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade, Special Sections Editor
After that ride, we met up with my mother and his younger brother to take in a few other rides including a spin on the “Scrambler,” something my mom did with my brother and me.
We probably only spent an hour roaming through the midway with me going on some rides with the boys, and other times me just watching as the boys had a great time. But in that hour, I was reminded that time travels fast with kids, as it does with life in general. And if we are not careful, they will be all grown up and gone.
True, I still had a pile of work with the cows when we returned, but the hour delay was not such a bad idea. Work went much faster.
That picture is tucked into a special place to serve as a reminder that sometimes the best thing I can do is put down the to-do list and go have some fun.

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