The Little Things Make a Big Difference

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3/10/2014 7:28 AM

The concept that “little things in business make a big difference" has been a recurring theme I have heard this winter. And the idea really hit home in the past couple of weeks. As my family moves on from the loss of our family dog, it has been some of those little things done by our vet office that have made a big difference.
How? It started with the staff's treatment of our family as we made the difficult decision of how to deal with the terminal health issues our dog was facing. They gave my husband and I plenty of space, respecting our need to work through this tough situation with our two boys as the family said good-bye to the dog. My husband and I were moved by their thoughtfulness and kindness, but we thought once our dog Susie passed, their involvement would end.
The reality has been much different.
First, several days after the loss of our dog, a sympathy card showed up in our mail, signed by the doctors and staff, saying they were thinking of us through this difficult time. Then, on the one-week anniversary of our dog’s passing, a second package arrived. Inside, was a clay casting of Susie’s paw print and a note explaining this was a keepsake to remember our dog by.
We were speechless and amazed. Each of the boys wanted to hold and touch the print, remembering her. My husband just looked at me, amazed, and said, “you need to send a thank-you note.”
The casting now sits in our curio cabinet where everyone can see it. The boys have walked over to look at it, remembering something about our dog.
Did the vet need to do these little things? No, but it has made a big difference as our family moves forward and it has helped the boys express some of their feelings at the loss of Susie.
So do the little things matter? I believe so.

Charlene Shupp Espenshade, special sections editor

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