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8/23/2013 6:27 AM

My number may not say that I’m “old,” but everyone has those moments when they just feel way beyond their years. Monday afternoon was my most recent moment.

Showing cows may be my passion and I try to raise the best-looking animals possible, but as any dairy farmer knows, the cows don’t always turn out as good as you hope.

My winter calf, Farrah, is my best-looking animal this year. After placing third at the local fair, I decided to take her to the Southeastern Pa. Holstein Championship Show. And because she’s the only one I wanted to take, I sent her with some family friends to be included in their show string.

On Sunday, it didn’t take long to notice that the young men caring for her didn’t exactly think like a woman, a mom in particular. One chair. One stool. No snacks. No drinks. The animals were cared for, but my “old” feet quickly tired of standing and my tummy wanted food – hence the two pizzas and 24 cans of soda I bought us for lunch.

After working a full day at the office on Monday, I made the trip to Reading to check on my girl. And I didn’t go empty handed – two exceptionally comfy chairs, snacks and more drinks.

While lounging in my chair (yeah, I claimed one), this young group of guys proceeded to make me feel like an old grandma. The youngest is entering tenth grade and the oldest is 22. I’m just far enough ahead of them in years that I can remember most of them before they even started showing cows.

They were all texting, emailing and playing on Facebook. I’m so far behind that I don’t even have Internet capability on my phone.

They had their jokes and boyish humor. While it made me laugh, it’s not exactly my cup of tea anymore. To make matters worse, I have more in common with their parents, and I ended up being the voice of reason and calm thinking on more than one occasion.

I will say that this group of guys knew what they were doing, were mature when it mattered, but knew how to have a good laugh in the process.

On a side note, a pretty little blond girl (almost 6 years old) made me feel even older on Tuesday. She showed a calf in the same class as my Farrah and did a wonderful job. It seems like yesterday when her mom and I were in 4-H together.

Where did the years go?

~Jessica Rose Spangler, market editor

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