Md. Dairy Princess Diary: On the Road Again Promoting Dairy


2/16/2013 4:30 PM

In January, I continued to work as Maryland Dairy Princess to increase people’s knowledge about farming and dairy products by sending articles to newspapers and talking to people who may have lived on farms all their lives or may never even have seen a cow before. I attended a meeting for the Enterprise Farmers Club in Damascus, which included a tour of my family’s new milking system, a delicious dinner and the meeting. I learned a lot about how farming has changed over the years, especially with changing feed costs, milk prices and available machinery. These really made me appreciate how difficult farmers’ lives were in the past and still are today.

I also was able to give a milk toast to promote dairy at the Maryland 4-H Awards Gala in Laurel, Md. Since there were about 300 people attending the awards ceremony, I thought it was exciting to speak in front of them. I shared some information about agriculture in Maryland and the many nutritional benefits of milk and finished off by thanking all the 4-H volunteers and members for their hard work and personal betterment. Being involved in both 4-H and dairy, I definitely can see how both shape me and help “make the best better” in my life!

To finish off my month, I had my wisdom teeth taken out, which means I have been living on ice cream, pudding and oatmeal (made with milk, of course!). Although I very much resemble a chipmunk at the moment, at least I can say I have been very supportive of the dairy industry lately! Overall, it was a fun and eventful month; I can’t wait to see what is yet to come.

 --- Julia Doody, 2012-13 Md. State Dairy Princess

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