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1/13/2014 7:12 AM

Well, another Pa. Farm Show has basically wrapped up by the time I’m writing this. And according to most “local” reports, the weather was right on par – ice, arctic cold and a little snow.

While I was at Farm Show three days this week, I left each time wishing I didn’t have to. But I really could care less about walking through the barns, perusing the vender booths and consuming well over 2,000 calories worth of Farm Show food – although 60th anniversary Dairymen’s milkshakes are pretty delicious. The thousands of people in one building at any given time aren’t so appealing to me either.

I wanted to stay because I wanted to show my cows. This is the third year that my family and I haven’t taken animals to Farm Show, simply because a young son and my mom’s change in employment makes attending the show far too challenging.

Plus, in my opinion, it’s too cold to shave the hair off a dairy cow and then expect her to perform well afterward. I’d rather her stay nice and warm in her barn now and remain healthy through these challenging winter months. (Or maybe that’s just me subconsciously trying to make myself feel better about not showing at Farm Show.)

Nonetheless, I found myself reading my friends’ Facebook posts about Farm Show and wishing I were there too.

For instance, “Everyone else wants to be in, out of the cold. Well, tomorrow I am leaving my girls with my momma and heading to Farm Show for a few hours and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to get out! … Dairy cows and shows are where my heart is.

And another, “It's -2 degrees, feels like -20 and we are finally on our way to the PA Farm Show! Praying for safe travels, healthy cows, and a fun week! What are we thinking?”

It may have been unusually cold this week, but I’m sure these two people and all the other exhibitors at Farm Show piled on their Carhartt overalls and had a wonderful time.

I just wish my cows and I were there with them.

Maybe next year.

~ Jessica Rose Spangler, market editor

FYI – my co-worker, Charlene Espenshade, found these websites about historical Farm Show weather - National Weather Service and neat Farm Show weather facts.

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