'Saturday Night Live' Needs to Learn Ag ABCs


10/8/2012 10:18 AM

Big Bird was all the talk on "Saturday Night Live’s" Weekend Update segment, setting people abuzz as Sesame Street’s feathered friend reacted to the presidential debate.
               But the thing that caught my attention was SNL’s use of a beef-cow graphic with a dairy-cow story about the use of cellphone technology for heat detection. A similar story ran in the Oct. 6 edition of Lancaster Farming.
              SNL even mentioned that it was for dairy cows, but then the show used a photo of a Hereford yearling. At the same time, SNL had a story about feeding cattle candy waste in response to the drought, complete with photos of dairy cows.
             This should serve as a reminder that most people do not differentiate between dairy and beef cattle. Nor do they differentiate between dairy and poultry farming.

It's a shame that Big Bird can't teach them the difference. It should be as easy as ABC.

-- Charlene Shupp Espenshade, special sections editor

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