5 Things To Know in the Colorado Legislature

3/3/2013 10:15 AM
By Associated Press

Your weekly look at what's coming up at the Colorado Legislature:


Gun control continues to dominate debate, with the Senate setting aside extra rooms and extra time for two committees taking up a series of controversial bills. The proposals include four gun measures already approved by the House, plus additional bills from Senate Democrats. One of the most-watched bills will be a proposal from Senate President John Morse to crack down on assault weapons by holding sellers and owners liable for damages from shootings.


One of the biggest lawsuits in state history goes to the Colorado Supreme Court on Thursday, when attorneys representing dozens of school districts and parents face off with attorneys for the state over school funding. The parents and school districts argue the Colorado's funding mechanism is unfair to low-income students, but the state insists it has met its obligation. It'll be months before the Supreme Court issues a ruling, which could have major implications on the state budget.


The full House could get its first look at two measures that never made it to the floor under Republican leadership last year. One bill would expand legal recognition for same-sex couples. The other would allow Colorado residents to receive in-state tuition regardless of immigration status.


A House committee will start work Thursday on a measure allowing people wrongly convicted of a crime to receive more compensation from the state.


Cows on dairy farms routinely have their tails chopped off without anesthesia, but a bill up for its first hearing Thursday would change that. The bill to prohibit routine dairy tail docking unless it's done by a veterinarian is supported by the U.S. Humane Society and has been adopted in other states.

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