Delaware County 4-H’ers Profit From Summer Fair

8/23/2014 7:00 AM

Delaware County 4-H Summer Fair was held on Aug. 8-10 at the 4-H Educational Farm in Newtown Square.

All the money generated from the livestock auction is used to pay for the feed, veterinary and utilities costs to raise the project animals.

The champion market hog raised by Laura Connor weighed 285 pounds and was purchased by Corinda Crowther and Kathleen Trautz. The reserve champion market hog owned by Alex Adams weighed 260 pounds was purchased by Jennifer Stover.

The champion market lamb raised by Vinh Nguyen weighed 127 pounds and was purchased by Bill and Debbie Murphy. The reserve champion market lamb owned by Margaret Trautz weighed 119 pounds and was purchased by Susan Altschuler.

The cattle show was judged by Kaleb Long of Lancaster County and featured three heifer calves, two Linebacks and one Holstein.

The champion dairy heifer showman was Anna DiDonato, who was also won the master showmanship award in the overall competition. The reserve showman was Tory Seeley, the champion Fitter was Loretta Bigelow, and the reserve fitter was Tory Seeley.

The champion market beef showman was Anna DiDonato, and the reserve champion was Alex Adams.

The champion market hog showman was Alex Mitchell, and the reserve showman was Addie Caldwell.

The champion market lamb showman was Carol Miller, and the reserve champion was Emily Crowther.

The champion horse showman was Amanda Hunt, and the reserve champion was Maddy Carre.

The champion poultry showman was Loretta Bigelow, and the reserve champion was Natasha Clifford.

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