Winter Meetings Planned for Fruit Growers

1/26/2013 7:00 AM

Penn State Extension has nine educational meetings planned this winter for tree fruit growers throughout Pennsylvania.

Program highlights include Fungicide Resistance Management Strategies for Apple Scab, Powdery Mildew and Brown Rot; The Impact of BMSB Management on IPM Systems in Fruit Orchards; Bacterial Spot Management on Stone Fruit; Managing Perennial and Other Hard-to-Control Weeds in New and Established Pome and Stone Fruit Orchards; Adjusting Orchard Practices to Climate Changes; and Pesticide Applicator Training.

The meetings will be:

Tuesday, Feb. 12 — Central Susquehanna, contact John Esslinger, cje2<\@>

Wednesday, Feb. 13 — Southeast Region, contact Tara Baugher, tab36<\@>

Thursday, Feb. 14 — Northeast Region, contact John Esslinger, cje2<\@>

Monday, Feb. 18 — Adams County, contact Tara Baugher, tab36<\@>

Tuesday, Feb. 19 — Lancaster/York counties, contact Tim Elkner, tee2<\@>

Wednesday, Feb. 20 — Franklin County, contact Tara Baugher, tab36<\@>

Tuesday, March 5 — Appalachian Fruit Growers, Bedford, contact Tom Ford, tgf2<\@>

Wednesday, March 6 — western Pennsylvania, contact Bob Pollock, rcp3<\@>

Thursday, March 7 — Erie County, contact Andy Muza, ajm4<\@>

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