New Krone Baler Speedy at Making Denser Big Bales

11/2/2013 7:00 AM

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Krone North America has introduced the BiG Pack 1290 HDP II, a new generation of large square balers that increases throughput by 50 percent more bales and density by up to 10 percent compared with the BiG Pack 1290 HDP.

To achieve the additional throughput and density, the HDP II had many components upgraded, from the Active Pick-Up to the eight double knotters.

The flywheel has been increased to 1,340 pounds, and the intermediate gearbox speed has been increased to improve the baler’s performance. The Active Pickup handles wide windrows, short crops, dry crops and other challenging baling conditions.

Greater bale density is accomplished by a combination of upgrades. There are now six hydraulic cylinders adding resistance to the bale chamber.

The new double knotters feature an ultra slim design that uses 20 percent less space than existing knotters, which allows eight knotters to be used on the HDP II to tie bales up to 10 percent denser without decreasing baling speed.

If the goal is to increase baling speed, the eight knotter system can deliver dependable ties at the same bale densities with an increased ground speed of 50 percent. An intergraded bale scale is a standard feature on the baler to quickly record each bale weight.

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